Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass

Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass
Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass

Chinese manufacturer high quality 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted tempered bathroom shower glass

Product name: 8mm 10mm 12mm tinted toughened glass bathroom shower door
Size: 1.2m*2.2m, or customer requested size according
Design: sliding shower door, walk in shower wall, hinge shower door, etc.
Glass type: tempered glass, frosted glass, acid etched glass, pattern glass, silkscreen glass, etc.
Color: clear, super clear, frosted, tinted colors, silkscreen printed colors, or customized colors according, etc.
Glass thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Fittings: hinge, clip, handrail, tube, rubber strip, steel pipe, support bar, etc.
Delivery time: 10~25 days after deposit payment received, or urgent service is available.

Production Description
Custom shower glass Glass thk for choice Glass color for choice Glass type for choice
Are you looking for a unique shower door created?
A custom shower glass may be ideal for you.
12mm, etc.
super clear 
other tinted colors
Tempered Glass 
Frosted Glass
pattern glass 
Silkscreen Glass, etc.

Quality Assurance Policy.
We promise to provide a 10-year warranty for all curved glass produced by BTG.
BTG BETTER GLASS produce laminated glass by high quality adhesive interlayer and advanced bond technology. Tempered laminatedglass is produced by adhering two or more pieces of tempered glass together by inyerlayer film like PVB/SGP/EVA. The interlayerfilm will continue to hold the glass together in the event that it is struck or dropped.

Company Profile
Our company BTG group has been specializing in the processing of architectural glass for more than 20 years and is rooted in China's famous world manufacturing base in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China.After years of development, it has grown into a large-scale glass manufacturer with customers all over the world. our company is fully equipped, the staff positions are fully and reasonable, the production capacity is stable with quality guaranteed, the certification is complete, and the service is prompt and thoughtful. Company with CE, ISO, CCC, BS6206, SGCC, CSI certificate etc.

Factory Equipment List
Machine Name Origin Qty Years of service Capacity Size limit/Feature
Full-automatic cutting machine Italy 3 1 8000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Driller Italy 4 1.5 5000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Edging machine China 3 1 8000 Sqm/day Max.2440x3660mm
Cleaning machine China 4 1 8000 Sqm/day Max.2440x3660mm
Water jet cutting Germany 1 1 1000 Sqm/day Max.2500x3000mm
Tempered glass furnace China 2 1.2 6000 Sqm/day Min Radius 750mm
Laminated dust-free workshop China 2 1 5000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Autoclave machine China 1 1.3 4500 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Automatic Insulating Glass gluing line China 2 1 6000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Ceramic glass digital printer Israel 1 1 300 Sqm/day Max.2500x3000mm
Sewage treatment equipment China 3 1 300 ton/day Sustainable/Recycle
Curved glass maching China 2 1 1000 Sqm/day R=750mm

1. We are one of the biggest glass factory in China with over 20 year glass production experience, have advanced machines and experienced technicians.
2. Process by used grade A building glass materials, without any bubble, scratch, spot etc defects.
3. Each step of our processing meet ISO, CE, SGCC etc standard.
4. Provide 10 years warranty, any quality problem can refund or replace glass.
5. 100% inspection after production to make sure each sheet of glass are all in good condition.
6. Powerful transportation system and fast shipping time, long-term cooperation relationship with MAS, NYK, COSCO etc 
7. Professional sales and technical team, provide 24-hour service, meet any specific requirements.

Products Show
The shower cabins makes full use of the corner of the room, and the shower area is clearly divided by a fence to form a relatively independent bathing space. The shower cabins glass can use the clear, super clear, frosted, silk screen, pattern glass, etc.
1.Clear/low iron shower glass 2.Tinted shower glass 3.Frosted shower glass
4.Hot melt shower glass 5.Silk screen shower glass 6.Pattern shower glass
7.Laminated shower glass 8.Digital printing shower glass 9.Gradient shower glass
Accessories of shower glass
We can provide the glass and whole accessories system of different shower glass type.

Swing shower glass

Sliding shower glass

What more customize service we can provide to you?
As your request, we can provide the services of adding the explosion-proof membrane, do nano coating to shower glass surface and provide the accessories.
Explosion-proof membrane Glass with nano coating
Attach the explosion-proof membrane to the surface of the glass can keep the glass as a whole when it is broken, which protects the safety of the shower. Apply a nano self-cleaning coating on the glass surface. The water droplets will quickly shrink into a ball and flow down. The rolling water droplets will take away dirt and dust.

Customer praise
BTG not only has good products, but also good services. We adhere to the principle of customer first & quality first.

Our Certificates

Packing & Delivery
Wooden crates packing option
BTG use 12mm thick recycled hardwood board, no fumigation, hard plastic safety corner,plastic film covering the glass to avoid dirt, with a desiccant inside, to ensure that the glass is dry and not moldy during transportation.

Individual carton packaging options.
BTG use 5mm thick environmentally friendly corrugated boxes, 10mm thick foam board lining, 10mm thick recycled hardwood boards around the four sides of the glass to prevent damage to the edges, free transportation,suitable for retail storage of glass tabletops, shower rooms and other products

L-shaped iron frame packaging.
Welded iron frame, fixed with plastic-steel belt, built-in forklift space, can be quickly loaded and unloaded as a whole, which is convenient for stocking at the construction site.

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: Generally, there is no MOQ for processed glass, but if you want to received best price, the more quantity, the better price.
Q: Could I have a small sample to verify the quality?
A : Sure, we welcome sample to be tested and checked quality.
Q: Can I visit your factory?
A: Yes, we welcome all of customers visit our factory when you have real requirements, we will take you to each of our production lines, and discussing orders in our office.
Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, generally, we offer 5 years warranty for processing glass based on your normally uses, we advise you uses in a right way can keep your products service life in a long time (more than 5 years).
Q: How do you control the quality of your products?
A: We have standard management on factory based on ISO system, and train our staffs regularly, our production department they will choose high quality materials for glass strictly, for finished excellent products. And we have QC for each process, once find little problem, we will replace the glass, to make sure every piece glass go to warehouse is in good condition.
Classification of shower glass
According to the function overall shower room and simple shower room
According to the style corner shower room, I-shaped shower screen, semicircular shower cabin, bathtub shower screen, etc.
According to the shape of the chassis square, full circle, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped shower rooms and so on
According to the structure of the door sliding door, folding door, and swing door shower room

Advantage of shower glass
1. A separate bathing space can be divided. Most of the toilets and washrooms in residential buildings in our country are integrated, and it is a reasonable choice to install a bath room. In this way, a relatively separate bathing space can be created to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life.
2. Save space. In some families, the bathroom space is too small to fit the bathtub, while the shower room can save a lot of space.
3. With the shower room, the water will not splash outside and wet the whole bathroom floor when using the shower head to take a shower.
4. In winter, using the shower room can also play a role in heat preservation. The water vapor gathers in a small space, the heat is not quickly lost, and it makes people feel very warm. And if the bathroom is very large and there is no shower room, even if there is heating, it often feels very cold.
5. The shower room has rich shapes and bright colors. In addition to the bathing function, it is also a very good decoration in itself.

How to choose shower room glass
The shower room glass is of course fully tempered glass, after all, shower room glass spontaneously explodes. The self-explosion rate of tempered glass of three thousandths is hard to say whether it will happen to oneself, so explosion protection is very important. Now the explosion-proof shower room is mainly made of glass with explosion-proof film and laminated glass. The two are mainly used to prevent the glass from splashing when the glass is broken. In comparison, it is much more economical to stick the explosion-proof film, and the laminated glass can maintain the whole glass intact even if the glass is broken, giving the user time To replace. For more user-friendly shower room glass, it is recommended that you can paste an explosion-proof film on the outside of the shower room glass, and add a layer of nano easy-to-clean coating inside, so that the glass can be explosion-proof and self-cleaning, and cleaning is more labor-saving.

Product Applications
According to the shower glass type, it is divided into corner shower room, L-shaped shower screen, half circle shower cabin, bathtub shower screen, etc.
1.Half Circle Shower Glass 2.L Shape Shower Glass 3.Neo Angle Shower Glass
4.Fixed Shower Glass Panel 5.Inline Shower Glass 6.Rectangle Shower Glass
7.Bathtub Shower Screen Glass 8.Sliding Shower Glass 9.Bypass Shower Glass

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