Interior Renovation

Interior renovation glass can choose tinted glass, silver mirror, silk screen glass, frosted glass, pattern glass and so on. Now most of the home decoration will use decorative glass. The role of glass for home furnishing varies according to the type of glass. Interior renovation glass has many colors and can be customized to meet different customer needs. Different types of glass have different decorative effects.

Hot-melt glass can choose bright colors and various styles, and the product has a good three-dimensional effect. Different from ordinary flat transparent glass, it has a higher level of product design and manufacturing technology, changing the characteristics of flat glass, showing that hot-melt glass is more vivid, which is in line with the pursuit of beauty by newcomers.
As a new decoration, hot-melt glass not only has excellent interior decoration effect, but also has the advantages of thermal insulation, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, no discoloration and fading, good hardness and antistatic. Most hot melt glass has a pattern, and some matte finish, which is suitable for home bathroom and corporate office use to protect your privacy.

Stained glass is a kind of decorative glass that is rarely used in home decoration at present. The patterns are very rich and bright. The rational use of stained glass in the room can create a pleasing and harmonious atmosphere more freely. Stained glass has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, never fading, high safety, and has the characteristics of light and non-perspective. Stained glass and colored glazed tempered glass are often priced according to square meters, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan according to different production processes. The use of purple stained glass and black wooden lattice frame as the partition wall has become the finishing touch of the whole bedroom.

Laser engraved glass is a new type of building material, and glass is cheap to build. However, it can be made into various craft products and can also be applied to building materials. It is an affordable and aesthetically pleasing material. Laser engraving glass is a special glass process. You can write on the clear glass, draw pictures and attach photos.
Laser engraved glass is a new type of building material based on electronic technology, laser technology and LED technology. It is mainly used for shower room, sliding door deep processing, KTV, bar, tea restaurant, chain store and other night market partition and background applications.