Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall

Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall
Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall
  • Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall

Chinese manufacturer high quality decorative 7mm low iron 262mm U profile glass for curtain wall

Glass name:U profile super translucent glass 7mm
Glass thickness:7mm
Flange height: 60mm
Max length:6 meter
Glass coating: low radiation, sky blue, ceramic color, sand blasting process etc
Surface embossing: tranparant super white,ice pattern and ripple( thick ripple and thin ripple), patterns can be produced as per customers requested

Production Description                                                                                                     
U-profile glass is an new and unique kind of construction glass. Thanks to its U shaped section, its mechanical streng is higher than ordinary plating glass. It has much advantage such as ideal light transmission, good sound insulation, excellent heat insulation, reservation and convenient installation.
U glass product range dimension(mm)
Type Channel Width ±2 Flange height±0.5 Thickness ±0.5 Max. Length±3 Weight(approx.)kg/m

260 41 6 6000 4.75
260 60 7 7000 6.50

330 41 6 6000 5.60
330 60 7 7000 7.70

500 41 6 6000 8.40
500 60 7 7000 10.20

What's the advantage of U shaped glass?
1. The U glass material is much more lighter than other material for building construction on weight.
2. It makes the light come into the house fully.
3. It's an kind of energy saving glass. With a good performance of soundproof and heat proof.

Company Profile
Our company BTG group has been specializing in the processing of architectural glass for more than 20 years and is rooted in China's famous world manufacturing base in Dongguan City, Guangdong, China. After years of development, it has grown into a large-scale glass manufacturer with customers all over the world. Our company is fully equipped, the staff positions are fully and reasonable, the production capacity is stable with quality guaranteed, the certification is complete, and the service is prompt and thoughtful. Company with CE, ISO, CCC , BS6206, SGCC, CSI certificate etc.

Factory Equipment List
Machine Name Origin Qty Years of service Capacity Size limit/Feature
Full-automatic cutting machine Italy 3 1 8000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Driller Italy 4 1.5 5000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Edging machine China 3 1 8000 Sqm/day Max.2440x3660mm
Cleaning machine China 4 1 8000 Sqm/day Max.2440x3660mm
Water jet cutting Germany 1 1 1000 Sqm/day Max.2500x3000mm
Tempered glass furnace China 2 1.2 6000 Sqm/day Min Radius 750mm
Laminated dust-free workshop China 2 1 5000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Autoclave machine China 1 1.3 4500 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Automatic Insulating Glass gluing line China 2 1 6000 Sqm/day Max.3300x8000mm
Ceramic glass digital printer Israel 1 1 300 Sqm/day Max.2500x3000mm
Sewage treatment equipment China 3 1 300 ton/day Sustainable/Recycle
Curved glass maching China 2 1 1000 Sqm/day R=750mm

1. We are one of the biggest glass factory in China with over 20 year glass production experience, have advanced machines and experienced technicians.
2. Process by used grade A building glass materials, without any bubble, scratch, spot etc defects.
3. Each step of our processing meet ISO, CE, SGCC etc standard.
4. Provide 10 years warranty, any quality problem can refund or replace glass.
5. 100% inspection after production to make sure each sheet of glass are all in good condition.
6. Powerful transportation system and fast shipping time, long-term cooperation relationship with MAS, NYK, COSCO etc 
7. Professional sales and technical team, provide 24-hour service, meet any specific requirements.

Products Show
U-profile glass can accept design customization, whether it is color or craftsmanship, please tell us the effect you want before placing the order, or we can give a suitable plan according to your project.
1.Clear Ice pattern U profile glass 2.Ultra clear Ice pattern U profile glass 3.Frosted U profile glass
4.Clear U profile glass 5.Thick Pipples U profile glass 6.Thin pipples U profile glass

BETTER GLASS SQ type U-profile glass is a new type of shaped glass used on the wall system. It is featured by good lighting, heat insulation and preservation, sound insulation and noise protection, high mechanical strength, anti-aging, and lightfastness. With its scroll shape model, it enjoys the spirit of the times, tall and straight, delicate and pretty, easy and smooth in lines. Also, it is convenient to install and has unique decoration results.

Possibilities for the alignment of U-profile glass

Technical Data
Type Light transmissions
Heat transmission
Heat transmission
Heat transmission
Sound insulation
Sound insulation
SQ Profile U glass
(smooth surface)
89.00% 81.00% 4.95W/M2K     2.39W/M2K 27.00db 38.00db
Physical and Mechanical Characteristics
Compression strength Extension strength Moh's hardness     Modulus of elasticity     Linear expansion
700-90ON/mm2 30-5ON/mm2 6-7 60000-70000N/mm2 75-85x10-7/oC
Customer praise
BTG not only has good products, but also good services. We adhere to the principle of customer first & quality first.

Our Certificates

Packing & Delivery
Wooden crates packing option
BTG use 12mm thick recycled hardwood board, no fumigation, hard plastic safety corner,plastic film covering the glass to avoid dirt, with a desiccant inside, to ensure that the glass is dry and not moldy during transportation.
Individual carton packaging options.
BTG use 5mm thick environmentally friendly corrugated boxes, 10mm thick foam board lining, 10mm thick recycled hardwood boards around the four sides of the glass to prevent damage to the edges, free transportation,suitable for retail storage of glass tabletops, shower rooms and other products

L-shaped iron frame packaging.
Welded iron frame, fixed with plastic-steel belt, built-in forklift space, can be quickly loaded and unloaded as a whole, which is convenient for stocking at the construction site.

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: Generally, there is no MOQ for processed glass, but if you want to received best price, the more quantity, the better price.
Q: Could I have a small sample to verify the quality?
A : Sure, we welcome sample to be tested and checked quality.
Q: Can I visit your factory?
A: Yes, we welcome all of customers visit our factory when you have real requirements, we will take you to each of our production lines, and discussing orders in our office.
Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, generally, we offer 5 years warranty for processing glass based on your normally uses, we advise you uses in a right way can keep your products service life in a long time (more than 5 years).
Q: How do you control the quality of your products?
A: We have standard management on factory based on ISO system, and train our staffs regularly, our production department they will choose high quality materials for glass strictly, for finished excellent products. And we have QC for each process, once find little problem, we will replace the glass, to make sure every piece glass go to warehouse is in good condition.
What is u profile glass?
U-shaped glass (also known as channel-shaped glass) is continuously produced by the method of first rolling and then forming. It is named because of its "U"-shaped cross section. There are many varieties of U-shaped glass, with ideal light transmittance, heat insulation, heat preservation and high mechanical strength. It is not only versatile, easy to construct, but also has unique architectural and decorative effects, and can save a lot of light metal profiles, so It is adopted by urban and rural buildings in many countries in the world.

1.Transmitting light without projection: outdoor direct light is converted into diffused light after passing through the U glass, and the light is not projected, which has a certain degree of privacy
2.Convenient construction: not only provide glass, but also provide all related aluminum frame systems and accessories. Construction only needs to be fixed at the top and bottom, and no frame connection between the glass is required.
3.A variety of product options: product varieties have fully transparent glass surface, frosted glass surface, there are: surface between fully transparent and frosted, and tempered U-shaped glass, and there are a variety of color options
4.It can be used outdoors or indoors, and can be made into an arc shape: υ-shaped glaze can serve indoor and outdoor designs in various forms. Like the outdoor design, it is composed of U-shaped glass and can be designed as an internal partition, lighting belt or background light element
5.U-shaped glass can be used horizontally or tilted while being used vertically, and there are many varieties of products.

Product Applications
Based on numerous advantages, U profile glass is widely used in areas where required sturdy yet and aesthetics.
1.U profile glass for partition 2.U profile glass for curtain wall 3.U profile glass for curved partition
4.U profile glass for window 5.U profile glass for curved facade 6.Frosted U profile glass for facade
7.Ice pattern U profile glass for partition 8.U profile glass for facade 9.U profile glass for office

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