Shower Glass

When you redecorate your bathroom, you have lots of options to choose from, from wall color to hardware finish. One of the most important decisions is how you choose to enclose your shower. Whether you plan to renovate an existing bathroom or add a new one, consider including a glass shower screen.

Glass shower door is a trend form of door leaf used for shower screen. Glass shower door are usually made by tempered glass, laminated glass or ordinary float glass. The characteristics of glass shower doors are determined by the glass materials used. For example, sound proof glass shower door, high securty glass shower door, privacy glass shower door, and other glass shower doors. If frosted glass shower door or pattern glass shower door, the door is translucent and provide great privacy. If double glazed glass shower door, the door has a function of sound insulation. Glass shower door can also be decorated with personalized designs, such as printed pictures, patterns, solid or transparent colors. 

Our goal is to design, manufacture and install the best glass shower room all over the world. Whether you are looking for a shower glass option in a tiled area, or a glass bathtub, we will carefully craft the shower glass enclosure to perfect the shower room with BTG better glass.