Which of these Internet celebrity pattern glass have you seen?

Which of these Internet celebrity pattern glass have you seen?

Pattern glass- high-value pattern glass
It has frequently appeared in the cases of Internet celebrity home furnishing recently. If you are also choosing glass for decoration, you can try to imitate it.

Changhong Glass

Changhong glass, which has been popular in the past two years, has a sense of luxury with its long vertical stripes, and its appearance cannot be underestimated.

crystal square
The grid-shaped glass pattern is like rows of chocolate grids, and the shielding of objects is also better. The magic of square glass is that it can "pixelate" everything behind it and simplify it.

water ripple

Compared with Changhong glass, water ripple embossing is full of freehand fun. If you want to create a poetic small home, you can use it in a small area. Through the water pattern glass, the object will have an oil painting-like smudge effect, which is suitable for window glass.


Because there are many embossed angles that reflect light irregularly, this kind of glass reflects sunlight or brightly colored objects, which has a stunning colorful effect, just like an impressionist painting.

Begonia flowers

The exquisite petal graphics of the classic Begonia flower glass can increase the layering of the interior space, and it has its own "retro filter", even if it is used in a large area, there is no sense of disobedience.

Hammer pattern

When the diamond pattern becomes larger and becomes a hammer pattern, it has the advantages of water ripples and diamond patterns at the same time, which is gentle and restrained in beauty, yet interesting.

Fragrant pear

The surface of fragrant pear has a concave-convex texture, full of texture, and has a hazy beauty like spun yarn, which is a little more gentle than Changhong.

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