The importance of bulletproof glass

The importance of bulletproof glass

With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to safety. In some accidents, bulletproof glass can minimize the direct damage to the human body.

The bulletproof principle of bulletproof glass is to convert the impact kinetic energy of the bullet into the elastic potential energy of the glass and the surface energy of the fragments. The glass fragments are stuck by the organic film, so it is not easy to hurt people due to splashing after breaking.

In China, according to the purpose, bulletproof glass for automobiles is often used in bulletproof cash-carrying vehicles and military and police vehicles. Because of its large thickness and heavy weight, it is generally not used in family cars.
Bulletproof glass is common in daily life: bank counters, bank vaults, jewelry stores, public security bureaus, museums, showrooms and other places that may be hit by gunshots or sharp objects or have valuables.

Bulletproof glass not only has the light transmission and image transmission properties of glass, but also has the ability to protect against bullet shooting damage.

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