The global colored laminated glass market is expected to grow rapidly during 2022-2029

The global colored laminated glass market is expected to grow rapidly during 2022-2029

Laminated glass includes different colors to improve the absorption capacity of the finished glass product. The coloring process also enhances the aesthetic appeal, which helps attract customers. To make these glasses, a PVB or SGP interlayer is layered between two colored glass panels. During the impact, the glass on the outside shattered, while the glass on the inside remained intact. Due to their safety features, these products are a good choice for architectural, automotive and furniture applications.

The construction industry will dominate the market share in 2021 and will grow faster compared to other sectors during the forecast period. Over the years, increasing urbanization has created a positive environment for the growth of all applications such as building construction, automobile manufacturing, furniture, etc. Increasing consumer spending on modern construction and renovation activities has increased demand for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products for door, window and decorative applications.

With a market capitalization of USD 4.59 billion in 2021, Asia Pacific dominates the global colored laminated glass market share owing to the expansion of the construction industry. The region is also expected to grow even faster over the forecast period owing to the surge in construction activity in both developed and developing countries in the region.

The global color laminated glass market size will reach USD 7.68 billion in 2021. Its market capitalization is expected to increase from $8.02 billion in 2022 to $12.33 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 6.3% between 2022-2029. If you have any business project need colored laminated glass, feel free to let me know. (E-mail: P.S. The article comes from China Glass Network(

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