The danger is around, can you prevent it?-Glass self-explosion

The danger is around, can you prevent it?-Glass self-explosion

Glass self-explosion
The most decoration in the home is glass, but the self-explosion of glass is no joke, and it can easily cause personal safety.

The glass door was there, and it didn't touch or hit it, but it burst suddenly. What's the reason?
Reason: The glass contains nickel sulfide crystals, which is an important factor leading to glass self-explosion, but it may also be caused by defects such as scratches, gaps, explosions, and edge explosions during glass transportation or processing, resulting in stress concentration.

Laminated glass

If it has not been decorated, it is recommended to replace it with laminated glass:
Even if the laminated glass is broken, the fragments will be stuck to the film, and the surface of the broken glass remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris punctures and penetrating falling events, ensuring personal safety.

Explosion-proof film

If the decoration has been completed, but to improve safety, then the editor recommends pasting an explosion-proof film
When the glass exceeds a certain limit, the film is broken first, thereby reducing the pressure in the container and avoiding an explosion.

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