Start a new journey of high-quality development of new materials——Speech Peng Shou delivered a speech at the "International Year of Glass" International Engineering Technology Strategy High-end Forum

Start a new journey of high-quality development of new materials——Speech Peng Shou delivered a speech at the "International Year of Glass" International Engineering Technology Strategy High-end Forum

At the beginning of the new year, we gathered in Pengcheng to grandly hold the Chinese Academy of Engineering's "International Glass Year" International Engineering Science and Technology Strategy High-end Forum. Integrate and share the achievements of innovation and development in the field of materials, ignite the passion for innovation in materials engineering technology, and start a new journey of high-quality development of new materials.

Materials create a better world, and glass leads a better life. As an ancient and modern material, glass has become a cultural context for inheriting historical information, a magical window for exploring the unknown world, an information medium for realizing the interconnection of all things, and an important guarantee for safeguarding national security with the evolution of functional innovation. : "Glass helps to achieve multiple 2030 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and contributes a steady stream of energy to building a sustainable society."

With the joint efforts of domestic and foreign industry associations and colleagues in the glass industry, the United Nations officially approved 2022 as the "International Year of Glass" to further promote the cross-border, interdisciplinary, and cross-field integration of glass and materials, and usher in the spring of glass development. Cross innovation leads change, and engineering innovation builds a solid foundation. In today's world, human beings have gradually moved from land to deep sea, deep ground and deep space. Major engineering technologies have built a bridge for the in-depth interaction between human beings and nature.

In today's China, a number of infrastructure and world projects have been successfully completed, and my country has become the world's engineering technology center; in today's era, high-quality development is accelerating into Chinese-style modernization, facing changes in the world, changes in competition, and changes in development. The next 20 years will be the 20 years when China's engineering science and technology will change, and it will also be the 20 years when my country will move from a "superpower" to a "superpower".

As the highest academic institution of national science and technology and engineering technology, the Chinese Academy of Engineering attaches great importance to engineering technology innovation, aims at major engineering technology issues related to national security, closely meets the needs of society and people's livelihood and military-civilian integration, and builds an important foundation for promoting the construction of a modern socialist country. technology engine. In particular, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, taking the "International Year of Glass" as an opportunity, jointly with the China Ceramic Society and China National Building Materials Group, based in Shenzhen, a city of reform, innovation, and openness, held this forum to create a global glass industry. A platform for mutual discussion and cooperation, a platform for common development in the field of materials, and a platform for emerging industries to seek the future together. I believe that with the joint efforts of academicians, experts, leaders, and colleagues, we will surely enter into the "beautiful glass age" hand in hand, will be able to fulfill the responsibility and mission of "engineering for the benefit of mankind", and will be able to make progress in the new historical process. Win the advantage, win the initiative, win the future!

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