SGP laminated glass: both safety and decorative performance

SGP laminated glass: both safety and decorative performance

Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass with a wide range of uses and complete functions. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the beauty and safety of people's activity places are paid more and more attention. How to reduce or avoid the damage of glass fragments to the human body? Laminated glass can meet the requirements. Among all kinds of safety glass, SGP laminated glass is the most suitable for its beauty and safety function.

Application scenarios of SGP laminated glass:

1. In places where personal safety is prone to occur, such as glass windows of buildings facing the street and sidewalks, glass barriers of public buildings, balcony doors and windows, indoor partition stairwell glass and guardrails, airport terminals, glass canopies, glass Patios, tilt-mounted glazing, and more.

2. On buildings that require bulletproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, and hailproof, and places that require isolation of tourists for observation. Such as banks, museums, exhibition halls, jewelry stores, etc.

3. Floors, glass corridors, glass planks. SGP laminated glass can withstand greater pressure and meet the needs of transparent observation. It can be used as submarine windows, deep-water peep mirrors, and ornamental aquariums. After printing patterns on the glass, it can be made into high-strength laminated glass, which can be used as a floor with special effects.

4. Safety glass for high-rise buildings and large public buildings. Modern buildings are getting taller and bigger. Very high-rise and super-large buildings have to withstand greater wind force, earthquake force and temperature changes, requiring glass to have higher bearing capacity and rigidity, and in case of damage, it must be remaining carrying capacity without falling.

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