Newly developed blue online Low-E glass improves energy efficiency: key benefits and applications

Newly developed blue online Low-E glass improves energy efficiency: key benefits and applications

Newly developed blue online Low-E glass improves energy efficiency: key benefits and applications

In the search for energy-efficient building materials, BTG's newly developed Blue Online Low-E glass stands out. This advanced glass technology combines beauty with superior performance, offering a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for modern building projects. Here's a deeper look at Blue Online Low-E glass, its benefits and applications.

Blue online Low-E glass is a colored sunshade low-emissivity coated glass with excellent sunshade and thermal insulation functions. It is made of high-temperature, fresh, clean, and fast-drawn body-colored blue float glass as the substrate, and is deposited using the world's advanced chemical vapor deposition process (CVD). As the glass cools, the film layer and the glass merge into one. The stable oxide structure and high-temperature coating characteristics make the online Low-E glass chemically stable and free of oxidation problems. It is a "hard-coated" energy-saving glass. BTG's blue online Low-E glass integrates thermal insulation, sunshade, and decoration functions, and has excellent thermal processing performance. It is a new type of low-emissivity energy-saving coated glass.

Key Benefits of Blue Online Low-E Glass
1. Improved Energy Efficiency
The primary benefit of Blue Online Low-E glass is its superior energy efficiency. Low-E or low-emissivity coatings are designed to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the glass without affecting the amount of visible light transmitted. This reduces heat transfer, making interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. By reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems, buildings can achieve significant energy savings and lower utility bills.

2. UV Protection and Sun Shading
The advanced Low-E coating on Blue Online glass blocks a significant portion of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays can cause fading and damage to interior furniture, flooring, and artwork. By protecting against UV radiation, Blue Online Low-E glass helps maintain the quality of interior décor and sun shading capabilities.

3. Aesthetic Appeal
In addition to its functional benefits, Blue Online Low-E glass also has a unique aesthetic appeal. The subtle blue hue adds a modern and sophisticated look to a building, enhancing its visual appeal. This makes it a popular choice for architects and designers looking to create sleek and modern structures.

Main Applications of Blue Online Low-E Glass
1. Residential Buildings
In residential buildings, Blue Online Low-E glass can be used in windows, doors, and skylights to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Homeowners can enjoy lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment while adding a modern feel to their homes.

2. Commercial Buildings
For commercial buildings, the benefits of Blue Online Low-E glass are particularly significant. Office spaces, retail stores, and hospitality venues can all benefit from reduced energy costs and improved thermal comfort. In addition, the aesthetic appeal of Blue Online Low-E glass can enhance the overall appearance of commercial properties, making them more attractive to clients and customers.

Blue Online Low-E glass thickness is 5mm 6mm 8mm. Regular sizes of glass are 2140x3660, 2200x3660, 2440x3660, 2800x3660. Blue Online Low-E glass can be used in single piece, hollow, laminated, hot-bent, tempered, glazed, and can also be customized in size and glass configuration according to your needs.

Thermal parameters table

Glass structure

Visible light transmittance%

Visible light reflectance%

Shading coefficient
Heat transfer coefficient
5mm blue online Low-E     

5mm blue online Low-E+12Air+5mm clear glass     



5mm blue online Low-E+12Ar+5mm clear glass   


BTG's newly developed Blue Online Low-E glass changes the landscape in energy-efficient building materials. It combines enhanced energy efficiency, better thermal comfort, UV protection and sunshade, and aesthetics, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. 

BTG will continue to improve and develop our production process to provide better services to our customers. If you are interested in our glass, please send us an email.

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