The development trend of laminated glass in the future

The development trend of laminated glass in the future

Laminated Glass is made of two or more pieces of glass which one layer or multi-layers of EVA/PVB/SGP with strong cohesion sandwiched under high temperature and pressure between them. In addition, there are also some special interlayers, such as colored laminated glass, fabric laminated glass, metal mesh laminated glass, etc.

As a safety glass, even if the glass is broken, only produce crush cracks like spiderwebs, the glass debris firmly adhered to the middle layer, the glass fragments will not fly and cause personal injury or property damage. The increasing emphasis on safety in the construction industry has boosted the demand for laminated glass, a trend that will prevail over the forecast period.

Because of the damping function of the acoustic wave, laminated glass can effectively reduce the spread of noise. If use a special sound insulation film, it can increase the sound insulation by 2-3dB. The sound insulation of our laminated glass is obvious.

The PVB film between the laminated glass has a strong function of filtering ultraviolet rays. It can absorb more than 99% of the UV radiation and absorb heat in the infrared spectrum. The performance of controlling sunlight makes it a new type of building material with energy saving and environmental protection functions.

Glass has become a key element in the construction industry, and the widespread use of glass in interiors and in exterior building as well as and construction applications, it is also expected to enhance the market potential of laminated glass over the forecast period. Rising construction activities across all over the world will also play a key role in driving the demand for laminated glass. All in all, the development trend of laminated glass must be a growth change quickly in the future.
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