Insulated glass VS laminated glass

Insulated glass VS laminated glass

Glass is widely used in daily life. It is used in the construction industry, daily use, and art industry. There are also many types of glass. Let’s talk about insulated glass and laminated glass.

Insulated glass

Insulated glass is a kind of multifunctional glass with heat insulation, sound insulation and aesthetics. It is generally composed of two or three pieces of glass. As a result, it gathers various functions into one.

Both laminated glass and insulated glass have a certain degree of sound insulation and heat insulation effect, but the hardness and shock resistance of laminated glass are higher than that of insulated glass, while insulated glass has good heat insulation performance.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass, also known as laminated glass, consists of two or more pieces of float glass with a PVB film sandwiched between them, and then a series of hot pressing tools to extract the intermediate air, and then use high temperature and high pressure to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the film. and manufactured.

Relatively speaking, the sound insulation effect of laminated glass will be better. Because its anti-seismic ability is stronger, if there is a strong wind outside, it will not vibrate itself due to the strong wind, and the noise it will bring will be relatively small; while the insulated glass will cause resonance.

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