Glasstec 2022-"Flower of NorthGlass" blooms at German Glass Fair

Glasstec 2022-"Flower of NorthGlass" blooms at German Glass Fair

Glasstec 2022, the world's largest and most influential industry event in 2022, finally opened after a four-year absence due to the epidemic. As the world's leading supplier of glass deep processing overall solutions and glass deep processing products, NorthGlass has come back strongly and once again stepped onto this important stage.

In this exhibition, NorthGlass displayed four pieces of 3D multi-curved mirror glass of different sizes, 175mm ultra-small radius color glazed tempered glass, 3.3m super-large semi-arc long laminated hollow tempered glass and other latest NorthGlass glass deep-processing products; At the same time, it also brought the latest technological achievements of NorthGlass glass deep-processing equipment such as the fourth-generation high-end series of tempering furnaces, coating lines, and storage pretreatment lines.

The exhibits of NorthGlass are like a blooming flower, and the petals are composed of double-curved, large-sized and irregularly cut laminated glass. The double curvature of each "petal" is unique, with different double curvatures, the length and radius of the edges and the angles of the adjacent edges echoing each other. Freestanding glass is arranged in a cross shape, thus creating a semi-open space. Each pane extends upwards, and the angle of inclination varies from pane to pane, and the change in angle increases the curvature of each pane, enhancing its dynamic effect.

Glass plays a vital role in architecture, and every perfect piece of art in glass architecture is a love story between a designer and a glass maker. From this point of view, the "Flower of NorthGlass" is a true declaration of love for architecture, as 3D glass provides architects with great design freedom when planning complex transparent building structures.

In order to perfectly reflect the multi-curve processing capability of NorthGlass and present an eye-catching effect, the design plan of "NorthGlass Flower" has been repeatedly discussed and revised. Because the shape of the glass changes irregularly, and in order to avoid local sudden changes and wrinkles during edge stretching, Tianjin NorthGlass has performed a ±0.5mm measurement on each forming data of the multi-curved furnace. For calibration, in order to be more realistic in production, there are more than 80 points of multi-curve data set in one square meter, and if a piece of 4 meters by 3 meters of glass is to be perfectly produced, the number of data points to be calibrated is nearly 1,000.

The glass should have both mirror film and color glaze. The mirror film is a highly reflective film, which is not easy to absorb heat during the heating process, while the black color glaze is very easy to absorb heat. These two characteristics are positive and negative, which are relatively consistent with the two pieces of glass. degree is a challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the experimental analysis of the temperature and time-sensitive characteristics of the mirror film glass and the colored glaze glass to find their appropriate parameters, and finally show the ideal effect.

A perfect "art" is determined by many factors, the design is novel and full of connotation, and it can bring people to think through the work; a perfect work should have details, in which you can see the story behind the work . This is how NorthGlass treats products as works of art, presents our product concepts with the spirit of craftsmen, and innovates and creates for the perfect creativity of designers.

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