Forecast the global market development of Low e glass

Forecast the global market development of Low e glass

According to the global low e glass market size is expected to reach USD 30.27 billion in 2028, with a revenue CAGR of 3.3% during the forecast period.

Low e glass has excellent thermal insulation properties and is widely used in skyscrapers, commercial buildings and glass facades. This glass prevents water droplets from sticking to the window glass during the rainy season, increases the durability of the glass, and helps save energy as it allows light to pass through and keeps the temperature at the desired level.

Market growth will be on an upward trend with increasing construction activities and rapid urbanization. Low-E glazing in commercial and residential buildings absorbs, reflects and transmits harmful UV rays for better control of solar energy. It keeps the winter months warm and the summer indoors cooler, saving energy, keeping the temperature at the desired level, and preventing leather and rugs from fading in color due to direct sunlight.The increasing investment in research in the field of architectural design also brings additional opportunities for the further development of low e glass.

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