BTG 180 minutes high borosilicate fireproof glass 4.0

BTG 180 minutes high borosilicate fireproof glass 4.0

Product introduction
The BTG borosilicate monolithic fireproof glass is formed by tempering an original piece of glass produced by a high borosilicate floatation process. Its fire resistance is derived from its very low coefficient of thermal expansion - only 4 x 10 -6 (20-300 ° C), which is 2 to 3 times lower than ordinary glass (silicate glass). In addition, BTG borosilicate monolithic fire-resistant glass also has a high softening point, excellent thermal shock resistance and viscosity. Therefore, when a fire occurs, the BTG borosilicate monolithic fireproof glass is not easily expanded and broken, and is a high stability single piece fireproof glass with a fire resistance time of up to 3 hours.

Excellent performance of BTG borosilicate 4.0

1. 4×10 -6 (20-300°C) thermal expansion coefficient, 2-3 times lower than ordinary glass (silicate glass), creating over 3 hours of fire prevention time
2. 851 ° C ultra-high softening point, escort for fire stability
3. No NiS crystallization, sweeping away the danger of self-explosion
4. Fully tempered single piece fire resistant glass for double safety requirements
5. 90% high light transmittance, low iron formula to meet the true color rendering
6. Superior borosilicate optical quality for undistorted visuals
7. 2.28g/cm3 (25°C) density, low self-weight to keep small body
9. Ultra-high mechanical strength makes it light and contains unlimited power
10. Good corrosion resistance, stable and not afraid of UV

The maximum sizes of BTG boron silicon 4.0 are 6mm and 8mm
Performance Parameters
Thickness Common size Weight Fireproof time Transmittance Soundproof
6mm 2440*1830、2000*1830 13.7 kg/㎡ C30-C180 90% 30dB
8mm 2000*1830 18.2 kg/㎡ C30-C180 90% 30dB

BTG boron silicon fireproof glass application

1. Fire resistant window
2. Fireproof partition
3. Fireproof curtain wall
4. Smoke blocking wall
5. Skylight, fireproof floor

Combined with accessories

Laminated insulated                                                                         Plus louver                                                                            Plus manual louver

Ultra long time limit fireproof glass use attention points
Size: The performance of fireproof glass will be reduced due to the increase of size. Generally, the design of fireproof glass monolithic size for 3 hours does not exceed 1500*1500.
Frame system: 3-hour fireproof glass requires special steel frame system and refractory material to prevent the glass from falling off after softening.

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